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Renata Pompas

After graduating with full marks from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, I specialized in the following sectors: Color, Digital Printed Textile Design, Fiber Art. Lecturer, Essayist and Journalist registered with the National Order (Rome www.odg.it). Former member of ADI (Association for Industrial Design www.adi-design.org).

COLOR: Since 2002 I have been a member of AIC-International Color Association (https://aic-color.org/), participating in numerous conferences all over the world and being part of numerous international Scientific Committees. In 2004, together with Lia Luzzatto, I was the creator of the first Fashion Color Consultant course at the Tessile di Como in Milan, recognized by the EEC. In 2012 I was among the founders of the Gruppo del Colore-Associazione Italiana Colore (https://www.gruppodelcolore.org/) and I was on the Presidential Council for 2 terms. I teach Color in various public and private institutions and organize face-to-face and online courses.

DIGITAL PRINTED TEXTILE DESIGN: In 1969 I started working as a Textile Designer at internationally renowned studios, first in Prêt-à-Porter textiles and then in Haute Couture. In 1971 I was co-founder of the Blu5 studio of home linen designs. In the nineties I became a member of the CISST (Italian Center for Historical Studies of Textiles) and in 1993 she worked on the setting up MoMi (Milan Fashion Museum). In 1978 I was the creator of the Design for Textile course of the Region Lombardia (Milan-Italy) which over the years was transformed into Digital Textile Design at AFOL-Milan, of which I became Course Director. I have invented a quick and professionalizing method to design inimitable printed fabrics, which I present all over the world and teach it in various public and private institutions and organize face-to-face and online courses.

FIBER ART: I have been interested in this artistic expression for many years, following personal and group exhibitions, competitions and activities, and I have become one of the references with  the publication of numerous articles, presented and texts in the catalog. In 1996 I became a member of ETN (European Textile Network https://etn-net.org/home.html) and of TEXERE (European Textile Education and Research), participating in numerous conferences throughout Europe. I am invited to be part of national and international juries and awards. In 2018 I published the first historical reconstruction of Fiber Art in Italy.

Lia Luzzatto

After graduating with full marks from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, she specialized in the sectors: Color, Art, Fashion, Communication.
Member of the Italian Center for the Study of the History of Textiles.
Member of ADI (Association for Industrial Design) www.adi-design.org.
Conference speaker at the AIC Congresses (International Color Association) www.aic-color.org.
Member of ECD (Environmental Study Group, Buenos Aires, Argentina) www.fadu.uba.ar.
Educational Study Group (Stockholm, Sweden) www.ncscolour.com.
Journalist, enrolled:

– to the National Order (Rome) www.odg.it.
– WHO is WHO of fashion journalism www.crisalidepress.it.

He carries out chromatic consultancy, teaching and organization of seminars.
He has published with Renata Pompas several books on color, which have been more and more; reprinted by prestigious publishing houses.
participates as a speaker at national and international specialized conferences.