COLOR Courses



The Color Palette

Today, consumers are offered the possibility of personalizing their purchases with the choice of colors. Color is a rich and complex element that defines identity, communicates, expresses, influences, excites. The three courses show the perceptive, symbolic, emotional, aesthetic and communicative rules of colors.

Each chromatic proposal starts from the creation of an ordered and coherent set of colors that must respond to perceptive and aesthetic rules of balancing the shades. The course leads students to design a palette of 30 colors, applicable to any visual project, with a structured and not random method.

Knowing and Understanding Color

Each person reacts with liking or disliking to different colors, the course aims to bring members to experience the deeper meaning through a pictorial experience of immersion in color, with watercolor strokes that do not require any artistic commitment. Through their own reactions, participants will be able to discover aspects of their own personality and the main communicative, psychological and social aspects of colors.

Create Color Variants

Color variants are chromatic variations applied to a project in order to offer the consumer a wide range of personalized choices. The course leads participants to create numerous variations, all different, with a structured and non-random method that allows for the development of multiple thematic proposals.